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SHINING SWIMMER JIG                                                                   TECH SPECS:

                                                                                              CODE     WEIGHT
     BASS LURES  designed with the help of Japanese and American Pro Basser Ken Iyobe. The jig features a tapered head design  FF406-10.5  3/8oz
         Hayabusa’s new Shining Swimmer Swim Jig utilizes their Japanese hook technology in a uniquely styled swim jig
         to push through cover, a stout hook and a multi strand silicon and flashabou skirt, plus a wire keeper to keep
         your trailer firmly in place.

                   BLACK BLUE #1                         BLUE GILL #3                        GREEN SHAD #2

              SILVER  CHARTREUSE SHAD #6                 SMELT #5                             WHITE #4

        JOINTED SHOOTING BALL HEAD                             STOUCHER SHOT WEIGHTS
        CLIP-ON         NEW FOR 2022                           (FREE RIG)         NEW FOR 2022

        Football weight with replaceable hook with screw type mounting   Sinker for Jikarig Freerig with protrusions on the bottom to
        parts on the head.                                     improve sensitivity.

         TECH SPECS:                                            TECH SPECS:

         CODE                SIZE                               CODE                 SIZE
         FF404-5.2           3/16oz                             FF525-3.5            1/8oz
         FF404-7             1/4oz                              FF525-5.2           3/16oz
         FF404-10.5          3/8oz                              FF525-7              1/4oz
         FF404-14            1/2oz                              FF525-10.5           3/8oz

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