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POWER STAGE                                           MUSCLE GAPE


        The Power Stage Wide Gap offset is a medium wire hook with   Hayabusa’s Bulky Stage Muscle Gap sports a 3X Extra Wide Gap for
        Hayabusa’s Original Point and black matte finish.This hook bend is   those exceptionally wide and bulky bodied plastics.
        lifted enabling the hook point to raise above a parallel line with the
        hook eye for unobstructed piercing on every hook set.

         TECH SPECS:

         CODE                 SIZE             QUANTITY
           530031              1/0               6pp            TECH SPECS:
           530032              2/0               6pp
           530033              3/0               6pp            CODE                SIZE             QUANTITY
           530034              4/0               6pp             530090              5/0                4pp
           530035              5/0               6pp              530091             6/0                4pp

         WIDE GAP SCREW LOCK                                    TECH SPECS:

                                                                CODE                    SIZE          QUANTITY
                                                                  WRM958-3/0            3/0             4pp
                                                                  WRM958-4/0            4/0             4pp
                                                                  WRM958-5/0            5/0             4pp
                                                                  WRM958-6/0            6/0             4pp

        WRM958 provides an angler with a hook design that includes a
        screw lock in the hook eye. The screw lock is tapered to provide
        exceptional hold of soft plastic baits.
        The hook is also finished with NRB Coat for effortless hooking
        power. Anglers use this hook for any soft plastic that is retrived with
        a swim high in the water column.

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