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WIDE GAP SCREW LOCK                                    TECH SPECS:

                                                                CODE                    SIZE          WEIGHT
                                                               WRM958WT-3/0-116         3/0            1/16oz
                                                               WRM958WT-4/0-116         4/0            1/16oz

                                                                WRM958WT-3/0-18         3/0             1/8oz         BASS HOOKS
                                                                WRM958WT-4/0-18         4/0             1/8oz
                                                                WRM958WT-5/0-18         5/0             1/8oz
                                                                WRM958WT-6/0-18         6/0             1/8oz
                                                               WRM958WT-5/0-316         5/0            3/16oz
                                                               WRM958WT-6/0-316         6/0            3/16oz
                                                                  FF208-7/0-5.2         7/0            3/16oz
        WRM958WT Extra Wide Gap Weighted Hook designed with a slightly   WRM958WT-7/0-316  7/0         3/16oz
        forward belly weight placement providing life-like action to a soft
        plastic bait on the retrieve or fall.                   WRM958WT-5/0-14         5/0             1/4oz
                                                                WRM958WT-6/0-14         6/0             1/4oz
        The screw lock is tapered providing exceptional hold for plastic
                                                                WRM958WT-7/0-14         7/0             1/4oz
        The hook is finished with NRB Coat for effortless hooking power.
        Great for any soft plastic that is retrieved with a swim through the
        3pc per pack

        WACKY                                                  WEEDLESS WACKY

        WRM962 Special Wacky has all the engineering needed to provide   WRM962WG Special Wacky Wire Guard includes two light wires
        the ultimate medium wire wacky hook.A revolutionary bait pocket   extending from the hook eye over the hook point for snagless
        in the bend of the hook allows the bait to be perfectly balanced for   fishing in light to medium cover. This weedless medium wire wacky
        realistic action and hook-up performance.An extended gap between   hook has a revolutionary bait pocket in the bend of the hook
        the hook eye and hook point provide optimum line separation from   allowing the bait to be perfectly balanced for realistic action and
        the bait.                                              hook-up performance. An extended gap between the hook eye and
                                                               hook point provide optimum line separation from the bait.

         TECH SPECS:                                            TECH SPECS:
         CODE                SIZE             QUANTITY
         WRM962-1/0           1/0                5pp            CODE                   SIZE             QUANTITY
                                                               WRM962WG-1/0             1/0               5pp

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