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SPINNERBAIT TRAILER                                  ROUND BEND TREBLE


        WRM929 Trailer Hook is the ultimate for all trailer hook   Premium round bend treble hook enables anglers to change to a
        applications.The hook point shape is engineered to stay horizontal   high quality treble hook on their favorite new or used hard baits.
        to the swimming presentation of the lure providing increased   Chemically sharpened and designed for long-term action.
        hooking opportunities.The hook eye is oval shaped to prevent any   Made of forged high carbon steel. Choose the NRB Coat finish for
        chance of the hook toppling from side-to-side.The rubber beads   effortless hooking power.
        included allow the angler to choose from rigid or loose trailer hook
        rigging on the primary lure.

                                                                TECH SPECS:
         TECH SPECS:
                                                               CODE                 SIZE             QUANTITY
         CODE                SIZE             QUANTITY          EB930L1-2             2                 6pp
         WRM929-2/0           2/0                5pp            EB930L1-4             4                 6pp
         WRM929-3/0           3/0                4pp            EB930L1-6             6                 6pp
                                                                EB930L1-8             8                 6pp

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