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LONG CAST SABIKI                                                                      TECH SPECS:

                                                                                              CODE     WEIGHT
        Thanks to 60 years experience of manufacturing fishing rigs, we were able to combine a high quality Sabiki   EX450-20  20g
        with a metal jig and create a, as we call it “jigging Sabiki”.                       EX450-30   30g
     SLOW JIGS  The combined use of both Sabiki and a metal jig, makes it possible for an angler to target a catch a wider   EX450-60  60g
        variety of fish. Not to mention, that our included ready to use rig is super easy to handle. You just need to tie
        the line to a swivel, throw the reel in or use a jerk action.

                                                         BLUE SARDINE                         ZEBRA GLOW
                                                             #1                                  #2

        JACK EYE AIR                                                                          TECH SPECS:

                                                                                              CODE     WEIGHT
        The Jack Eye Air Jerk Slow Pitch Jig can be used for vertical and slow pitch jigging.  The thin lure body provides   FS431-100  100g
        sharp side to side action.  Features irregular falling action that minimizes angler presentation fatigue and   FS431-120  120g
        unique Hologram and ultimate coating.                                                FS431-150  150g

                      AKAKIN                              AKAMIDKIN                            BLUE SARD
                        #3                                   #4                                   #1

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